What do we do at Lythium?

We use visual intelligence to analyze production processes, logistics and security in real time and generate information for better decision making, which makes your project more transparent, profitable and efficient.

We apply artificial intelligence analyzing images.

We create solutions using image intelligence for various industries, providing relevant
information in real time, speeding up decision making.


Counting and Tracking

Visual technology that tracks and monitors objects such as vehicles, raw materials
and more for efficient and accurate image analysis.


Quality Monitoring and Classification

With visual technology, we characterize and classify raw materials, food and finished products, detecting anomalies, differentiating colors and more in images. Based on the characterization information, we act in real time, optimizing processes and promoting efficiency in various processes.


Security and Performance Monitoring

Through our object recognition and tracking technology, we enhance security and efficiency in shopping centers, logistics centers, and ports. We identify vehicles and trucks, efficiently control access, and prevent risks, ensuring the protection of facilities and reducing waiting times. We optimize the flow of operations and provide a comprehensive solution for safer and smoother management.

Our Methodology

The internal process of working in Lythium.

Image capture

We obtain images through cameras and vision systems.

data processing

We develop algorithms that allow us to detect and characterize your needs through images.


We create reports and monitors so that you can access this information in real time.


We take action to reduce subjectivity in decision-making in real time.

Our Strategic Alliances

What do our customers say?


Lythium offers image based information technology services. We are able to extract qualitative and quantitative data from images and videos and transform it into quality/valuable information with the goal of monitoring processes, evaluating food product quality, detecting anomalies in behavior, monitoring food safety and nutritional quality among other things.

We offer 3 main lines of solutions:
1.- Counting and Tracking: System with the ability to differentiate an object, count and track it in real time with over 99% accuracy.
2.- Quality Monitoring and Classification: Color measurement, anomaly detection in real
time, with the ability to create a dashboard with data indicators and a reporting system with traceability data.
3.- Security and Performance Monitoring: We improve security and efficiency in shopping, logistics and port centers. We identify vehicles, control access and prevent risks, optimizing operations and guaranteeing protection of facilities.

We are a scientific-technological company with a focus on adding value for clients through visualintelligence technology that extract quality data from images. This allows us to create greater transparency through data transformation, relevant in the optimization of processes
and decision making

We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their needs and apply all of our knowledge in helping them solve their problems. We are passionate about collaborating in order grow together with our environment.

Help our clients use information to improve their activities and promote transparency and collaboration.

Would you like to learn more?
Give us your contact information and we will reach out.
You can also contact us at contacto@lythium.cl

Would you like to learn more?

Give us your contact information and we will reach out.

You can also contact us at contacto@lythium.cl