We understand your problem in order to find solutions. We extract quality data from images through visual intelligence.

We understand your problem in order to find solutions. We extract quality data from
images through visual intelligence.

What do we do at Lythium?

We use visual intelligence to analyze production processes in real time and generate information for better decision making, which makes your project more transparent, profitable and efficient.


We promote transparency and efficiency through quality data


We find new solutions with technology and innovation

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We look to build internal collaboration between suppliers and clients


We understand the problems companies face and we work together for solutions

We make sure we generate quality information

We began to use applied visual intelligence to develop solutions because we saw the needs of different industries to measure and obtain information that can improve their processes and decisions. Everything in real time and digital.


Characterization, counting and tracking of all type of objects.

We extract data from images in real time and transform it in to valuable information about different productive processes.


Hyperspectral technology for the detection of foodborne pathogens bacterias and analyzing nutritional quality and freshness in feed and food products.

Our Methodology

The way we do things at Lythium


Onsite, we observeto understand the problems of our clients.


We collect the necessary information to evaluate how our solutions can solve our clients problems.


We adapt our solutions to achieve the best outcome for our clients.


We work with our clients to achieve the proposed goals.

What do our customers say?


Lythium offers image based information technology services.  We are able to extract qualitative and quantitative data from images and videos and transform it into quality/valuable information with the goal of monitoring processes, evaluating food product quality, detecting anomalies in behavior, monitoring food safety and nutritional quality among other things.


We offer 3 main lines of solutions:

  1. Evaluation of visual quality of food products: color measurement, anomalies detections. All in real time with the capacity to deliver a dashboard with key indicators from information generated by our solution and an online report integrated with traceability data, that allow our clients to realize further analysis. 


  2. Tracking and counting of objects: We have develop a system with the capacity to learn to differentiate an object and has the power to count and track it as it advances in a process in real time with more than 99% of accuracy.  Generally utilized to maintain real time stock of pieces, check delivery receipts or balance stock flows in a process in order to eliminate bottlenecks. 

  3. Spectral: Solutions based on hyperspectral imaging and machine learning to detect information from the invisible spectrums of light.  These types of solutions are applied to food safety, diagnosis of diseases in early stages in animals, evaluating the nutritional quality and freshness of raw materials for feed and food. In each case hyperspectral imaging with machine learning models allow us to create a simple digital monitoring system in real time with no need for highly trained personnel.

We are a  scientific-technological company with a focus on adding value for clients through visualintelligence technology that extract quality data from images. This allows us to create greater transparency through data transformation, relevant in the optimization of processes and decision making

We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their needs and apply all of our knowledge in helping them solve their problems.  We are passionate about collaborating in order grow together with our environment.

Help our clients use information to improve their activities and promote transparency and collaboration.

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