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Soluciones en Lythium.
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Counting and Tracking

We maximize efficiency in the production process through the use of our object counters,
designed to control inventory and production flow with precision and efficiency in real time.

What solutions do we provide?

What solutions do we provide?

Count and track with over 99% precision
Real time analysis
Delivery of visual indicators
Digital Registry


Quality Monitoring and Classification

At Lythium we apply intelligence in images in production processes, with experience in the field of food production. We develop artificial vision algorithms that detect in real time the characteristics and quality of raw material and final products, such as anomalies,
irregularities, and color.

Based on the information detected in the characterization, we act in the process line to make decisions in real time. By integrating analytics data, automatic and accurate responses are triggered that optimize processes and improve efficiency in various industrial applications.

We use image analysis with cameras that capture the spectrum visible to the human eye, and we are developing solutions that cover features that require vision beyond this spectrum, such as the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.

What solutions do we provide?

What solutions do we provide?

Objectivily characterize visual quality classifications
Capture more than 99% of samples in real time
Assist personnel in classifications
Triggers actions with the information generated


Security and Performance Monitoring

Through our advanced image processing systems, we are able to collect data in real time,
analyze it accurately and provide valuable information for strategic decision-making, with
the aim of optimizing operational efficiency and safety in logistics centers and ports.

Performance improvement.

Using robust algorithms, we can accurately monitor truck flow, inventory management, and cargo movement efficiency. This allows us to identify areas for improvement, detect bottlenecks and optimize workflows to increase productivity and reduce waiting times.

Strengthening of security systems.

Our object recognition technology allows us to identify vehicles, guaranteeing safer and more efficient access control. Likewise, our anomaly detection and advanced surveillance systems help prevent risk situations, such as intrusions or theft, ensuring the protection of facilities and personnel.

How do we deliver information?

We know that you need information that is easy to use.  That is why we have integrated tracking systems for each client.  We deliver reports in real time for a more strategic analysis.

All process data is identified with traceability  information to deliver a complete business intelligence report and real time dashboard with statistics on each product.

We relate process data with traceability information.

Report on business intelligence tools for accumulated information.

We install dashboard in real time with daily detail of the product.

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