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Characterization, counting and tracking of objects.

At Lythium we apply visual intelligence in productive processes with experience in the field of feed and food production.

We’ve developed artificial vision algorithms that analyze in real time and generate information that allows for greater transparency, profitability and efficiency in your  business.


We extract data from images and convert it to information. 

With this information we can generate actions in the process line to improve visual quality classification.

What solutions do we provide?

What solutions do we provide?

Objectively characterize visual quality classifications
Capture more than 99% of samples in real time
Assist personnel in classification
Trigger actions with the information generated


Maximize the efficiency of your production process through the use of our object counters designed to control inventory and production flow precisely and efficiently in real time.

We control the tracking of shipping trucks, calculating the yield of different processes between ports or distribution centers for better efficiency and security.

What solutions do we provide?

Count and track with over 99% precision
Real time analysis
Delivery of visual indicators


Hyperspectral technology for the detection of foodborne pathogen bacterias and nutritional quality analysis in feed and food products.

Visible light, ranging from violet to red is what humans can see.  But there are other light spectrums that are out of visible range like ultraviolet light, infrared,  X-Ray and gamma.  Each of these spectrums has unique properties that are used in different applications such as medicine, scientific research and technology.

Hyperspectral Imagery utilizes a range of specific wavelengths which are different from the ones used in conventional cameras. These wavelengths are able to differentiate  pathogens and analyze  feed and food nutritional quality and freshness.


Analysis of food borne pathogen bacterias

It has the capacity to detect the presence of listeria monocytogenes in feed and food processes measuring it concentration in real time. This is especially important in the food service industry where food safety is fundamental to human health.

Analysis of nutritional value and freshness:

Precise analysis due to the detection of humidity, proteins, fats and ashes in feed and food products as well as the level of Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVB-N) and peroxide value. This allows food producers to guarantee the quality and safety of their products as well as comply with industry regulations and standards.

Other applications

Hyperspectral imaging technology has great potential in other applications such as detection of antibiotics traces in salmon, measurement teh concentration of pigments in filets, fast-diagnosis of illness and others. We are constantly researching ways to use this technology to improve food safety, efficiency in the food industry and human health.

How do we deliver information?

We know that you need information that is easy to use.  That is why we have integrated tracking systems for each client.  We deliver reports in real time for a more strategic analysis.

All process data is identified with traceability  information to deliver a complete business intelligence report and real time dashboard with statistics on each product.

We relate process data with traceability information.

Report on business intelligence tools for accumulated information.

We install dashboard in real time with daily detail of the product.

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